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Liana’s Library

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Gluten Free Cookbooks:
Donna Washburn and Heather Butt

Publisher: Robert Rose Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Donna Washburn and Heather Butt are both well educated professional home economists. They have also taught at the community college level, in their field, and have formed their own company “Quality Professional Services”.

These professionals do not personally suffer from Celiac Disease, but were inspired to create these recipes and write these books by friends who are gluten intolerant.

125 Best Gluten Free Recipes: 2003

$18.95 USA
$19.95 CAN


Publisher: Robert Rose Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Introduction to the book contains a brief section on gluten free baking ingredients with some helpful tips and suggestions. All the recipes have been carefully tested.

The cookbook is divided into 8 sections.

  • Tasty Beginnings
  • The Main Event
  • Quick Breads
  • Yeast Breads from Your Bread Machine
  • Mixer Methods Yeast Breads
  • Delicious Desserts
  • Pies and Cakes
  • Sweet Treats

Each section begins with a title page and a mini-table of contents. The back of the title page contains a special page of helpful tips on a specific topic.

There are a wide variety of recipes in each section. Each recipe contains a personal message from the authors, as well as tips and/or variations.

The back of the book contains several glossaries: equipment, ingredients, techniques
There is also contact information for American Celiac Groups and Canadian Celiac Associations.

In my opinion, the book is presented in a very professional manner. It is laid out in a logical way with an easy to follow format. There are a few ( 8 ) glossy photos of selected recipes.

The recipes are carefully laid out and easy to follow. The tips and variations allow for the opportunity to customize the basic recipe.

I would have preferred if there had been more photos. I like to see what I’m preparing, so I have an idea of what it’s going to look like, hopefully, when I’m done. For people following the conventionally recommended Celiac Diet, this book has lots to offer.

Complete Gluten Free Cookbook: 2007
150 Gluten-free, Lactose Free Recipes, Many with Egg-Free Variations

$22.95 USA
$27.95 CAN

ISBN-13 976-0-7788-0158-0
ISBN-10 0-7788-0158-6

Publisher: Robert Rose Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This cookbook is set up in the same fashion as their previous book. The introduction is much more extensive and contains information on clarification of terminology, the gluten free pantry, lactose intolerance and egg-free baking. There is detailed information on different types of flours including gluten free grains, legumes and nuts, to mention a few.
It’s a wonderful resource in its own right.

The cookbook is divided into 7 sections.

  • Dips, Beverages, Soups and Salads
  • The Main Event
  • Side Dishes
  • Yeast Free Biscuits, Muffins and Loaves
  • Breads and Spreads
  • Pies and Cakes
  • Cookies, Squares and More

The sections of the book and recipes follow the same format as in the previous book. It is consistently excellent in its presentation and contents. One improvement worth noting is that the nutritional values for each recipe are provided in chart format. It also contains both bread maker and mixer methods of preparing a number of the bread recipes.

It too contains 8 glossy photos of recipes, which is disappointing. I realize that photos are expensive, but in my opinion, they are so worth the cost. Personally, I’d prefer to have less recipes, but more pictures, if there had to be a trade off.

The back of the book contains several glossaries: equipment, ingredients, techniques and information about the nutritional analysis.

This book would be a wonderful addition to any gluten free cookbook library. I particularly like the inclusion of lactose free and egg free options. It’s more expensive than their other book, but you get a lot more in terms of information as well.

There is another cookbook in this series called The Best Gluten Free Family Cookbook. I have not reviewed it because I don’t have a copy in my library.

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