Reno Realities Part 2

A Week in the Life of…

Finally, things are beginning to come together with our bathroom and kitchen renovations. Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 9th, this year. The week leading up to Mother’s Day was hectic, but so worth the effort!…


The week started out with a fabulous Health Pursuits meeting on Monday night. The annual guest speakers were Dr. Robert Clinton and his talented wife, Sue. They spoke about the latest holistic trends in dentistry, nutrition and wellness. It was a very dynamic evening filled with useful information and inspiring stories.


The men arrived from M C Decor to install the new floors. First they took off the quarter round and then they laid a plywood sub floor. The installation of the kitchen and bathroom vinyl floors was a two day project. The men were extremely professional and did an outstanding job. We did have a small hiccup during the installation. The problem was solved when the experts from Brunet Heating came to disconnect the gas line to the stove, so it could be moved to allow the new floor to go under it. They very kindly came back an hour later to reconnect it, so I could cook that night. Kudos to the staff at Brunet’s for their quick response and excellent service!


The men from M C Decor were back bright and early to finish the floor in the bathroom. Later in the afternoon the men arrived from Granit Design; a very dynamic stone company located in Stanstead, Quebec. They went right to work installing the granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom. Both young men were hard working, efficient and very clean. They glued in the sinks and set the faucets in place for the plumber. Their work was impeccable and I know Paul enjoyed chatting with them in French.


The men from M C Decor were back again to install the back splash in the kitchen. They worked with their usual professionalism and dedication to the task at hand. Before we knew it the glass and marble mosaic tiles were in place, adding a very sophisticated note to our beautiful new work space. Tomas went above and beyond the call of duty to replace some damaged tiles in the bathroom as well! A big thank you to Tomas!


The plumber arrived from Alex McCoy Plumbing and Heating to attach the sinks and faucets. He also installed our new, state of the art, dishwasher. My relief was complete. Now, we had water in the kitchen! No cook could ask for more. Finally, I was ready to tackle Mother’s Day weekend.


Paul and I were up early to do our grocery shopping and plan our meals for the weekend. Because we’re both following the Weight Watcher’s program, we decided to eat at home and plan our food carefully. Today my daughter-in-law, Shannon, and my older son, Spencer, came from Carleton Place to celebrate Mother’s Day with me. My younger son, Peter, was going to be home as well. Paul decided to take some time out of his work schedule to join us as for a meal, too. It was to be a family celebration and that’s the type of occasion I enjoy cooking for the most!

When the kids were all together, they very kindly gave me the most amazing Mother’s Day gift of all. They not only washed down all my new cupboards, both inside and out, they also emptied all the boxes and put all my kitchen things away! I sat, like a celebrated mother, and supervised from a comfy chair. Their kindness and generosity brought tears to my eyes. In return, I cooked them a fabulous, gluten free meal. (Both Shannon and I eat gluten free.) We had an organic bone-in loin of pork. Al, the owner of the Pig and Olive, had “frenched” the bones and it was magnificent. I simply rubbed the skin with crushed garlic and Herb de Provence and roasted it at 325F until it came up to the recommended temperature for pork. I served steamed broccoli and sweet potato frites as sides. I made an awesome apple and pear chutney to go with the pork and my lemon tarragon mayo to go with the frites. The meal was a huge hit with all concerned and I felt like a very special mother indeed.


Sunday was for my mother. I wanted to honour my 88 year old mother by devoting my time to her and preparing her a wonderful meal. Paul brought her over to our house and set up the table in the centre of our new kitchen. Mom and Paul played cards while I prepared our meal. We started with some antipasto, smoked salmon, aged cheese and rice crackers. Paul BBQed some ribeye steaks for us and I prepared a Mediterranean Tomato Salad, steamed asparagus and boiled fingerling potatoes. Mom and I both enjoyed a lovely glass of French Champagne with our meal. We had miniature gluten free cheese cakes for dessert. After dinner, Paul went off to work with Peter. Mom and I watched the movie “Young Victoria” and finished up our day together with another game of cards. The day was a “memory maker” as Mom would say. It’s one I’ll certainly always remember.


It’s one very full week later. Paul and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary today. He surprised me with a huge bouquet of two dozen long stemmed red roses. I am truly spoilt and enjoy every moment of it! Now it’s on to selecting paint colours, a new light fixture, new breakfast nook table and stools. Whew! We’re in the home stretch and I can see a light at the end of the renovation tunnel.

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