The Food Revolution

I have joined Jamie Oliver’s North American Food Revolution. I think it’s especially important for people with Celiac Disease, gluten/wheat intolerance and multiple food sensitivities to make the effort to eat as healthy and nutritious meals as they can afford.

I realize that we are all conscious of how much things cost in this economic climate. That’s a legitimate concern. I’m also aware, that here in Canada foods are seasonal and it’s not always possible to get organic versions of everything we eat. Having acknowledged that, I still believe you are what you eat. Just as Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”. That’s particularly important for all of us with special dietary needs to remember. Our bodies are healing. It’s important to nurture and nourish them to the best of our abilities.

I refuse to buy into the excuse I hear from some people: “I can’t eat organic (or gluten free) food. It’s too expensive”. In my opinion, it’s a matter of priorities and choice. If people are willing to give up fast food, prepared meals, take away food, chips, French fries, candy, chocolate bars, soda pop and store made baked goods, there will be lots of money left for the high quality ingredients with which to prepare nutritious meals. If we eat smaller portions, it not only saves money but it’s better for our waist lines. Eating well impacts our health and quality of life. I believe each and every one of us is worth the time and effort it takes to prepare the food and eat well.

As my family copes with the kitchen renovation and limited cooking facilities, I have really struggled to maintain the quality of the foods I’m eating on a daily basis. I am rapidly going through the meals I prepared in advance. Eating out more than once a week is not a financial option. That leaves 20 meals a week to prepare! What a challenge it’s proving to be. I knew it would be difficult, but I never dreamt it would be this frustrating.

Today I decided to rise to the occasion and go all out! I bought a fresh organic chicken and some double smoked organic bacon. I bought some fresh organic broccoli and an organic head of cauliflower to use as sides. I even bought a bit of fresh sage with which to flavour the chicken. It was a very simple meal to prepare. I rubbed the washed bird with olive oil, sea salt, and mixed, crushed pepper corns. I stuffed the cavity with sage leaves and draped some over the breasts and legs. Then I put three strips of the double smoked bacon on top, tented it loosely with foil and baked it as 350F for 2 hours. I basted it once in a while and removed the foil for the last 30 minutes. When the meat thermometer read 180F and the juices ran clear, I set the chicken to rest while I steamed the vegetables. It was ready to serve soon after. The meal smelled and tasted delicious! Yes, we still had to eat it on a paper plate with plastic cutlery and cups, but that didn’t take away from taste of our dinner or my sense of accomplishment.

It took planning, time and effort, but my family is so worth it! Please join the Food Revolution. Take it slowly; one meal at a time. Before you know it, you will be nurturing your body with nutritious, flavour saturated, gluten free foods. Every meal will become a celebration of life – not just your own, but of all the world has to offer!

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  1. I totally agree on your point about people complaining. Now gf processed foods are expensive, so why buy them. You made a great meal there without them. Bravo. Stop by my blog for our 30 Days to a Food Revolution. Cookbook giveaway too. Spread the word.

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